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Why use a locator to determine the location of a threaded hole?

Inspection methods must ensure that your parts meet or exceed specifications. Checking the hole location with gage pin, steel ball, a screw with a machined head, or a probe tip is inaccurate since the pitch diameter is not referenced per ANSI Spec Y14.5M-1982.

If my threaded hole is oversize will Tru-Pos function properly?

Yes! When the locator is seated, the upward force exerted against the thread flank causes the locator to position itself on the centerline of the tapped hole.

Are Tru-Pos locators difficult to use?

NO! Tru-Pos locators are ground .0001" under your go-gage size for easy finger tight insertion, thereby improving productivity while eliminating sore fingers. The knurled surface is placed at the top of the locator which makes it easier to grip. Tru-Pos is ground to the base of the locator providing a more accurate measurement of the tapped hole, since the CMM probe will be closer to the surface.

Why aren't your locators split like other designs?

Material fatigue, excessive installation force, etc./ play a vital role in the repeatability of locating gages. Tru-Pos was designed to provide a reliable method in which repeatability is constant. Competitors who offer split designs do not offer the split design throughout their range of thread sizes.

You offer to 2 designs: Square shoulder and tapered. Why?

Tru-Pos was originally designed with a square shoulder to be used where the gage could be seated against a clean and square surface. In many applications such as castings or irregular surfaces etc. the gage cannot be properly seated, Tapered gages were designed for this condition.

Are special sizes or configurations available?

Special sizes and configurations can be made to meet your unique requirements.
Simply c
omplete a design request form or simply call for a quote.


Are Certifications available?

Yes! Certificates of Compliance or Certificates of Calibration are available. Please specify at time of order.


I already own Tru-Pos locators. Do you offer a recalibration service.?

Yes! Upon return to the factory, we can provide a certificate of calibration to verify the gage is within specifications.  We cannot however, repair gages that are worn, nicked, damaged etc.


We already use locators from a competitor. Why use Tru-Pos?

Good Question. Glad you asked!

  ♦ Over 300 sizes IN STOCK
  ♦ Over 12 configurations (English, Metric, Heli-Coli Etc.)
  ♦ Quantity Discounts available - combine sizes!
  ♦ Custom configurations: any quantity - no minimum.


Are HeliCoil locators designed for use before or after HeliCoil insertion?

The HeliCoil series of locators are designed to be used before the HeliCoil insertion.


What happened to the original manufacturer of Tru-Pos locators?

MW Industries recently acquired LaVezzi Precision, Inc. for its medical manufacturing capabilities. The company will now  direct 100% of its focus on the manufacture of critical medical machined components.  


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