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BSPP British Pipe Thread Series

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BSPP-0125 (G 1/8) 336.00 AddToCart 

BSPP-0250 (G 1/4) 315.00 AddToCart 

BSPP-0375 (G 3/8) 315.00 AddToCart 

BSPP-0500 (G 1/2) 368.00 AddToCart 

BSPP-0750 (G 3/4) 347.00 AddToCart 

BSPP-1000 (G 1) 399.00 AddToCart 

BSPP-1250 (G 1-1/4) 315.00 AddToCart 

BSPP-1500 (G 1-1/2) 500.00 AddToCart 

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